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Financial Standards® is committed to helping Directors, Audit Committee members, and senior executives to be vigilant over their company's reputation for financial integrity.

In this post-Enron era, when investors demand credibility as well as profitability, Financial Standards® is a resource for accounting practices and financial reporting and disclosure that both build a bridge to investors and make sense.

We provide untainted and objective advice to help navigate the complexities of today's burgeoning accounting, financial reporting and disclosure requirements, without sacrificing the ability to give investors a clear and understandable financial picture of the company.

In addition, for your immediate needs, we provide tools to prepare for and deal with auditors meaningfully. For your long-term needs, we provide both credibility and proven leadership in developing meaningful performance measures in evolving accounting and financial reporting standards and rules.

Financial Standards®' biccherne: symbol of financial integrity

Our logo harkens back to Sienna in the 13th century when this Italian city was a major European money center. Sienna's Office of the Biccherna provided semi-annual reports on government revenues and expenses. As a precursor to modern democracy, these financial reports demonstrated accountability to the people and their authority.

The Office of the Biccherna established the custom of commissioning prominent artists to paint the wooden covers of these semi-annual reports. Noblemen charged with monitoring Sienna's finances added their family shields to these works of art (known as "biccherne"), thus associating the reports with the honor and integrity of each one's family.

At Financial Standards® our own biccherne symbolizes the same high standards of honesty and integrity in financial reporting.


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